Stories from Africa

The education sector in Mali is struggling

Warnings and challenges of the current situation of the  The current situation of the education sector in Mali suffers from numerous warnings and challenges. Education...

Child labour in Guinea


Africa’s position on the Gaza war

The Gaza Strip is living in a state of discontent and tension due to the ongoing war. The civilian population faces many dangers, including aerial bombing and ground...

Associations working in Africa

Labor associations in Africa are an important part of the efforts to improve and develop the continent. These associations work in a variety of areas such as education,...

Are women getting their rights in Africa

In Africa, Women's rights still face many challenges, and despite some progress that has been made, there are many regions that still lack equality between women and...

Which countries are experiencing famines

Famines are the result of natural and human causes. Among the natural causes can be mentioned poor precipitation and a decrease in the amount of fresh water, climate...

Where We Work

We operate in 10 countries

AHAD currently operates in Sudan, Ghana, Chad, Benin, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, Guinea, and Tanzania. However, we are always seeking opportunities to expand and provide our services in other areas as part of our 2020-2025 strategic plan.

Food Programs
WASH Programs
Development Programs
Health Programs
Education Programs
Response Programs

Food Programs:

AHAD’s food programs aim to address food insecurity and hunger in the communities we serve. We provide emergency food aid, support local agriculture and farming. By doing so, we hope to improve the health and well being of those who are food insecure and vulnerable.


  • Providing emergency food aid
  • Supporting local agriculture and farming
  • Improving food storage and distribution systems

WASH Programs:

Our WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) programs focus on improving access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and promoting hygiene practices in the communities we serve. We work on building wells, boreholes, and water pumps, as well as improving water storage and distribution systems. Through these efforts, we aim to reduce water-borne diseases, improve overall health and wellbeing, and promote dignity for all individuals.


  • Building wells and boreholes
  • Installing water pumps and tanks
  • Improving water storage and distribution systems

Development Programs:

AHAD’s development programs aim to empower communities and promote sustainable development. We provide business training and support, promote entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities for underprivileged communities. Our goal is to help communities become self-sufficient and thrive.

Health Programs:

Our health programs focus on improving access to healthcare services, supporting maternal and child health, and providing medical aid to the communities we serve. We work to address the root causes of health issues such as cataract and promote preventative measures to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


  • Improving access to healthcare services
  • Supporting maternal and child health
  • Providing medical aid to the communities we serve

Education Programs:

AHAD’s education programs aim to improve access to education and provide educational resources and supplies to the communities we serve. We work to build and renovate schools, mosques and Quran memorization centres. and provide access to quality education, which we believe is a fundamental human right.


  • Building and renovating schools
  • Providing educational resources and supplies
  • Training and supporting teachers

Response Programs:

In times of crisis and emergencies, AHAD Africa Hub team and volunteers respond quickly to provide assistance and support to those affected. Our response programs provide immediate relief and work towards long-term recovery efforts. We believe in the importance of being prepared to respond to emergencies and supporting communities during difficult times.

I am Amal, a mother of five who used to walk long distances to collect ...
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I am Amal, a mother of five who used to walk long distances to collect water for my family. It was a difficult and time-consuming task that left me exhausted. Then the Afrika Hayat Association built a water well near my house. Now, I no longer have to walk long distances to fetch water. The water well has changed my life by providing easy access to clean water, which has improved our health and hygiene. It has also freed up time for me to take care of my children and pursue other activities. I am grateful to the Afrika Hayat Association for changing my life and making it easier.
I am Mina, a girl who couldn't go to school because it was too far ...
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I am Mina, a girl who couldn't go to school because it was too far away. But thanks to the Afrika Hayat Association building a school in my neighborhood, I now go to school every day. It has changed my life by providing education and a safe space for children in the community. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and pursue my dreams.
Serra – Orphan sponsorship
I am Serra, an orphan from Nigeria. Life was a constant struggle until I benefited ...
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I am Serra, an orphan from Nigeria. Life was a constant struggle until I benefited from Afrika Hayat Association sponsorship program which allowed me to attend school and get an education. With their support, I no longer had to worry about how I would afford food, clothing, or a place to live. The Afrika Hayat Association not only provided me with the basic necessities of life but also gave me hope for a better future. They believed in me and my dreams, and their support inspired me to work hard and pursue my goals.
Serra – Orphan sponsorship
Ahmed – Cataract Survivor
I am Ahmed, a tailor in Somalia. My cataracts made it difficult to continue my ...
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I am Ahmed, a tailor in Somalia. My cataracts made it difficult to continue my work until the Afrika Hayat Association provided me with a free cataract surgery. After the successful operation, my vision was restored, and I could return to my job.
Ahmed – Cataract Survivor

How to donate?

AHAD offers several convenient and secure ways to donate online:

  • Payment through Credit or Debit Card
  • Payment through PayPal
  • Payment by Bank Transfer

How to volunteer

Join us in our efforts to make a difference by becoming a volunteer with AHAD and learn more about Africa Hub. Whether you have skills in fundraising, event planning, or community outreach, we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Fill out our volunteer application form to get started.

How to Collaborate with AHAD

AHAD values partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our mission of creating sustainable and impactful change in African communities. If you would like to collaborate with us on a project or program, please email us with your proposal.


Contribute to a project

AHAD’s work is made possible by the generosity of donors who support our programs and projects. Your contribution can help change the lives of people in need in Africa. You can donate to a specific project or program that you are passionate about, or make a general donation to support AHAD’s overall mission. Your donation will go directly towards funding critical interventions and supporting the most vulnerable populations. Join us in making a difference in the world today.