Population: 43,849,234
Human Development Index:
27 Water Projects
27 Food Projects

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis, leaving thousands of people displaced and in urgent need of assistance. The has erupted in Sudan’s capital city Khartoum and other sites across the country this month, resulting in the deaths of over 420 people, including 264 civilians. The ongoing conflict has also resulted in over 3,700 people being wounded, many of whom are facing lifelong disabilities as a result. Unfortunately, the number of people affected by the violence is likely much higher, with countless families forced to flee their homes and struggling to access essential resources such as food and water.
The impact of the conflict on the people of Sudan is devastating. Reports of civilian casualties and human rights violations by both military factions have emerged, while essential services such as healthcare and education have been disrupted, and economic conditions have worsened, leaving many vulnerable to poverty and hunger.
It is important to remember that behind the political power struggles and geopolitical interests are real people, families, and communities whose lives and futures are at risk. As the conflict escalates, the humanitarian crisis deepens, and it is imperative to prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians and ensure that they have access to vital aid and support.
As Africa Hayat, we cannot stand idly by while our brothers and sisters suffer. We must take action and come together to provide humanitarian aid and support to those affected by the conflict in Sudan. We are committed to responding to this crisis and working with our partners on the ground to provide emergency shelter, food, and medical assistance to those in need.
The number of people affected by the conflict is staggering, with thousands displaced and in need of shelter, food, and medical assistance. The international community must come together to provide humanitarian aid and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict to protect the lives and dignity of the people of Sudan.
However, we cannot do it alone. We call on individuals, governments, and organizations to join us in supporting the people of Sudan during this difficult time. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters affected by this conflict and help ensure their safety and well-being.



In the midst of the unfolding crisis, our dedicated teams embarked on a remarkable journey from the capital of N’Djamena, Chad, to the city of Kofreon. With careful coordination and in collaboration with local authorities, we set out to implement an urgent relief plan that would bring much-needed assistance to those affected.

As the dust settled and the chaos of displacement lingered, our team faced the daunting task of conducting a comprehensive assessment of the needs within the sprawling camps. Undeterred by the sheer magnitude of the situation and the daily fluctuations in the movement of the displaced population, they persevered, determined to gain a deep understanding of the challenges at hand. However, their efforts were met with delays as the relevant authorities struggled to process and disseminate the necessary statistics, causing a setback in the swift response we aimed to achieve.

But resilience knows no bounds. With the combined efforts of humanitarian organizations and the unwavering support of partners, including AFRIKA HAYAT ASSOCIATION , a glimmer of hope emerged. Within a mere two days, the initial waves of assistance cascaded through the camps, reaching the hands of those most in need. Warm meals, nourishing sustenance, and a sense of relief were provided to the displaced individuals, offering respite in the face of uncertainty.

Undeterred by the challenges, our team pressed forward, their unwavering determination fueling their actions. Blankets and bedding were secured, offering comfort to those whose lives had been upended by the crisis. Concurrently, the provision of ongoing food support continued.

This journey showcases the resilience of the human spirit and the power of collective action. It stands as a testament to the enduring commitment of individuals and organizations working tirelessly to bring relief to those most in need. The collective resolve remains unyielding, fueled by a shared belief in the potential to make a difference in the lives of those affected by crisis.


by AHAD’s lense – MAY 2023

In the Chadian camps, the need for adequate shelter and waterproof tents is paramount, particularly as the rainy season approaches the Chadian lands. While charitable organizations tirelessly strive to address this pressing need, the demand remains overwhelming, and thousands of families are yet to benefit from these crucial provisions.

Furthermore, items such as mattresses, bedding, and blankets continue to be in high demand. Despite the commendable efforts of charitable organizations in this regard, the need remains severe, with countless families still awaiting these essential supplies.

The provision of ongoing food support, including hot meals and food baskets, remains a critical and urgent necessity. However, sustainable solutions are imperative to address the long-term needs of affected families. It is disheartening to encounter families who subsist on only one meal per day or less.

Cash assistance is another vital form of urgent relief, providing affected individuals with a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency. Delivering monetary aid to these vulnerable populations can make a significant difference in their lives, granting them a degree of independence and personal security.

It is crucial to prioritize sustainable solutions from now onwards, ensuring the provision of adequate shelter and addressing all the essential needs of displaced individuals throughout their stay in the country. This comprehensive approach is necessary to alleviate their hardships and provide a sense of stability and hope for the future.


by AHAD’s lense