Achievements of the AHAD Association in Africa for 2023

AHAD is looking forward to making a positive change in Africa in 2024 by achieving its goals aimed at promoting sustainable development and socio-economic services. The association will work to improve the living conditions of women, provide equal educational opportunities for children, address environmental challenges and promote public health on the continent. In this article, we present a set of initiatives and achievements of the AHAD Assembly in Africa for 2023.

A review of AHAD and its goals in Africa for 2023

The AHAD aimed to achieve positive change in Africa for the year 2023 by improving sustainable development, strengthening social and economic services. The association focused on empowering women, promoting children’s education, paying attention to environmental sustainability and promoting public health on the continent. AHAD aims to make a real difference in people’s lives and promote regional cooperation to achieve its goals.

Sponsorship of orphans in Africa contributed by AHAD Association

In a noble attempt to meet the challenges posed by the conditions of orphans on the African continent, AHAD has made an effective contribution by sponsoring 114 orphans, providing them with the basic pillars of a decent life, including food, shelter, education and health care. This philanthropic humanitarian work has not only met the basic needs of these children, but also given them hope and the opportunity to grow and develop within an integrated caring environment. The AHAD Association has become a model of giving and mercy, stressing that helping orphans is an investment of the soul in a promising future that illuminates the paths of future generations in Africa.

Achievements of the AHAD Association in Africa for 2023

Uhud’s contribution to education projects in Africa

As a shining star in the sky of education in Africa, Uhud has undertaken a sacred mission of completing 45 educational projects with a great impact. The efforts of this prestigious Association focused on the establishment of Islamic centers that serve as beacons of knowledge and guidance, as well as the establishment of orphanages, which gives these young people hope and stability. What maximizes the value of these projects is the construction and rehabilitation of mosques and schools, thus emphasizing the importance of well-established infrastructure as a key factor for Educational Progress. The association has not forgotten to distribute the Qurans, in confirmation of its mission to spread awareness and Islamic culture, and also to provide school bags that ensure the continuity of education for young people. Undoubtedly, the Uhud Association remains a towering edifice that supports the bridges of knowledge and development for the renaissance of Africa.

The role of ahud Association in food charity projects in Africa

Humanitarian aid organizations such as ahd play an important role in food charity projects in Africa. In a count of the number of projects that reached 592, the mentioned activities can be summarized as follows:

Bread distribution: bread is an essential element in the diet of many peoples, and therefore bread distribution is a priority in food security projects, as it provides a necessary meal for people facing food shortages.

Aqaqat and Sadaqat: these include the distribution of meat and other food as part of charity donated by individuals to the needy or at religious events and special occasions such as aqaqat, which is a form of celebrating the birth of a child in Islamic culture.

Meals: this includes providing full meals to those in need, and these may include hot or cold meals, distributed either at shelter centers or through food distribution services.

Ramadan iftars: during the month of Ramadan, charitable activities increase, especially the distribution of iftars, where associations provide food for fasting people to have breakfast after sunset, and these iftars help promote the spirit of collective participation and giving in society.

In addition to food distribution, organizations such as Uhud contribute to providing support and assistance to communities in need by improving food infrastructure, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and providing training and education in the field of food security.


Achievements of the association in 2023 in the field of Health

In the field of Health in Africa, Ahad shines with its inspiring achievements. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the members of the association, amazing successes have been achieved in improving health care and providing high-quality services to the population in remote and disadvantaged areas.

One of the most notable achievements of Ahad in the field of Health is the establishment of integrated health centers in many remote and disadvantaged communities. These centers are equipped with the latest medical technologies and employ skilled doctors and nurses to provide the necessary care to patients. The health services provided in these centers included comprehensive medical examination, free treatment and the provision of vital medicines.

In addition, Ahad has implemented awareness and health education campaigns in local communities. Through the organization of workshops and lectures, awareness of the importance of personal hygiene, proper nutrition and disease-protective vaccines was promoted. The association also provided support and training to local health personnel to develop their skills and increase their effectiveness in dealing with emergency situations.

Ahad is a pioneer in awareness campaigns of mental health hospital diseases. The association has promoted awareness and education about mental illnesses and alleviated violence and societal discrimination resulting from mental illnesses. The association provided psychological support and the necessary treatment to patients and their families, which helped to improve their quality of life and their integration into society.

These achievements reflect Ahad’s commitment to improving health in Africa and providing comprehensive health care to local communities. With continuous hard work and sustainable plans, the Ahad Association is a role model in the field of Health in Africa.


Achievements of Uhud Association in solving the water problem in Africa

In its contribution to solving the water problem in Africa, Ahad has implemented 35 innovative and diverse projects to provide clean and potable water in remote and disadvantaged areas. Among these vital projects you find the drilling of bucket wells, as a deep and sustainable water supply has been provided through these wells.

Also, the association has drilled artesian wells, which contribute to providing rural communities with water close to the surface of the earth, thereby improving water accessibility and providing a better life for local communities.

In addition, the association has erected an electric surface well, which provides the necessary energy for pumping water from the surface well and distributing it to the beneficiary areas.

The association’s efforts do not stop there, it has rehabilitated a manual surface well, which contributed to restoring its function and providing water to communities that suffered from a shortage of supplies.

The association also distributed water on a regular and organized basis, through the implementation of the water distribution project. The distribution of water is carried out with a certain reality and for specific periods of time to ensure its availability to all beneficiary communities.

All these projects have been implemented with continuous efforts and cooperation with local communities and international partners. Thanks to these projects, the water crisis in Africa has been alleviated and a noticeable improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiary population has been achieved. The Uhud Association is a role model in solving the water problem on the African continent.


Assessment of the successes of the AHAD Association in Africa for 2023

Ahad’s achievement of its goals in Africa for 2023 may be considered a tremendous achievement. The association has been able to promote women’s participation in economic and political decisions, improve the quality of education and provide equal educational opportunities for children, promote environmental sustainability and Wildlife Protection, improve people’s access to basic health care and promote mental health. These achievements will contribute to improving the lives of many Africans and promote the development of communities across the continent.


Uhud Association projects in relief and emergency

AHAD is one of the most prominent relief and emergency organizations in the world, as it actively contributes to providing assistance and relief to those affected by disasters and conflicts. The association works on implementing various projects that cover the needs of affected individuals and communities.

The AHAD has so far presented 46 projects in the field of relief and emergencies. These projects include providing financial assistance to the poor and needy, as they contribute to providing financial support to meet their basic needs and improve their living conditions.

In addition, the association has implemented temporary tent projects to provide shelter for the homeless and displaced in the affected areas. These projects aim to provide better living conditions for people who have lost their homes due to disasters or conflicts.

The AHAD also works to provide urgent assistance in case of disasters and emergencies. The association coordinates efforts with the concerned authorities and provides urgent assistance in the form of food, clean water, medical supplies and basic necessities for the survival of survivors.

Ahad’s projects not only provide basic assistance, but also distribute gifts to affected children. This is one of the humanitarian aspects that is of great importance to alleviate the suffering of children living in difficult conditions and seeks to return a smile to their broken faces.

Thanks to these multiple projects, AHAD contributes significantly to providing relief and assistance in difficult times, promotes hope and helps to bring life to those affected and alleviate their suffering.

Distribution of AHAD’s achievements in Africa

Benin 20 project 7787 beneficiaries

Chad 41 projects 79431 beneficiaries

Ghana 96 projects 58478 beneficiaries

Guinea 9 projects 2606 beneficiaries

Kenya 4 projects 2810 beneficiaries

Mali 50 project 20152 beneficiaries

Niger 35 projects 12670 beneficiaries

Nigeria 562 projects 51590 beneficiaries

Somalia 605 projects 269532 beneficiaries

Sudan 9 projects 3369

Tanzania 30852 beneficiaries

Uganda 12 projects 3257 beneficiaries

A total of 542,534 beneficiaries in 12 countries

AHAD has a vision for the future to strengthen regional cooperation in Africa. The association will work to strengthen partnerships and cooperation with local and international organizations and local governments on the continent. It will work to exchange knowledge and experiences and promote joint programs to achieve the best results in the areas of Sustainable Development, Education, Equality, Health and the environment. Regional cooperation will be deepened to achieve greater impact and promote Africa’s development comprehensively and all thanks to the success partners.

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