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Asiya stood in line, her eyes fixed on the well at the end of the row. She had been waiting for hours, and her throat felt like sandpaper. But she knew she couldn’t give up. This was the only source of water in the camp, and if she didn’t get her share, she wouldn’t survive. Asiya glanced down at the bucket she was holding. It was for her family, but she knew that wasn’t enough. There were also her goats, waiting patiently by her side. They were her lifeline, providing milk and sometimes even meat. But now, they were thirsty too. Asiya felt a pang of guilt. She had been so focused on her own survival that she had forgotten about them. She looked around, hoping to find some other source of water. But there was nothing. Just the dry, barren land stretching out in every direction. Asiya closed her eyes and prayed for a miracle. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it was her turn. She scooped up as much water as she could, filling her bucket and a small bowl for her goats. The relief was palpable as she drank the cool liquid, and she watched as her goats eagerly lapped up the water. For a moment, she forgot about the hunger, the thirst, and the suffering. All that mattered was the simple act of survival. Asiya smiled, feeling grateful for this small blessing. She knew that tomorrow would bring new challenges, but for now, they had water. And that was enough.

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