Be a voice for Sudan

Be a voice for Sudan is the name of a conference that has been carrying what the Sudanese people have been living for a long time, to destabilize the Sudanese interior, and that is why we have brought you this article and the tragedy it has brought to the table for discussion.

Results after planning and fatigue are what AHAD has tried to achieve, and it has achieved what it sought at a conference for which the media has mobilized its equipment and reserved a place for it among its news bulletins befitting the size of fatigue and giving.

Be a voice for Sudan

Sudan is one of the countries of the continent of Africa, and despite its vast area, it stores between its folds and wrinkles the faces of its people the pains, bitterness and misery of living.

This is what prompted the leaders of the AHAD to organize the be a voice for Sudan conference held in Istanbul according to several items placed on the dialogue table:

  • Fighting between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support forces.
  • The fighting spread from Khartoum to other cities and states.
  • More than 6,000 civilians were killed, including hundreds of children.
  • Tens of thousands of civilians were injured.
  • Internal and external displacement of more than 4 million.

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Conference speakers

The conference opened with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, after which the Turkish and Sudanese anthems were played, and some official figures and intellectuals from the Turkish and Sudanese nationalities read words through which they expressed their solidarity with the Sudanese people and the seriousness of their meeting to solve the problem of Sudan, and we will see the details of these words in a separate paragraph later.

The attendees discussed aspects of helping the Sudanese people in various aspects of the health, education and food sectors, and then came up with results and agreements that are applicable and enforceable, and will be worked on with the AHAD immediately after the completion of this conference.

Be a voice for Sudan

Be a voice for Sudan

The organization of the AHAD for the conference was not usual, it invited the official and diplomatic interlocutors, intellectuals and everyone of interest to the conference, We inform you below about the names of the speakers at the conference:

  • Journalist and academic Dr. Jokhan Kavak.
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed qavas.
  • Dr. Umar Farouk Korkmaz.
  • Chairman of the board of Directors of the way of Life rally, engineer Adam isaoglu.
  • Honorary president of the Association of civil organizations of the Islamic world: Ali Kurt.
  • Coordinator of Public Relations at the Africa Life organization: Mustafa Arslan.
  • President of the Association of Muslim scholars: Abdul Wahab Ekinci.

Words that came within the conference

Prof. Dr. Ahmed qafas, Dr. Omar Farouk Korkmaz, deputy chairman of the human rights monitoring body in Sudan Yasser dafallah, and Dr. Mahdi Ibrahim, former Sudanese minister of press and communications, delivered their speeches at the conference.

In his speech, the chairman of the board of Directors of the way of life gathering, engineer Adam issaoglu, stated that the meeting of several nationalities in order to discuss what the Sudanese people are living is evidence of the unity of the Islamic nation and the love of goodness closer to God through the giving, benevolent and steadfast people of Sudan with their positions.

While the Sudanese writer and historian Osama Al-Ashqar stressed that calling everyone to support the people of Sudan is an urgent need, the infrastructure and basic sectors in the country have completely collapsed.

For his part, Yasser dafallah thanked AHAD for carrying out humanitarian activities in Sudan and improving the living reality of the Sudanese people.

As for Dr. Mahdi Ibrahim, the former Sudanese minister of press and communications, he expressed appreciation to Turkey for supporting Sudan and standing with what is happening there for the benefit of the Sudanese people in particular and the African people in general.

Tragedy at the table for discussion

First of all, from the themes put forward by the sponsors of the conference and discussed under the title tragedy on the discussion table, all attendees expressed the importance of these themes, which were as follows:

1-Sudan-historical, cultural and social highlights.

2-the geographical and global importance of Sudan.

3-experiences and events in Sudan.

4-the humanitarian reality of the Sudanese crisis.

Be a voice for Sudan

Be a voice for Sudan

Turkish and Sudanese figures at the conference

AHAD in Istanbul Turkey works with great seriousness and commitment, and is keen to establish official and good relations on all sides, based on the above, we can only say that the presence of Turkish and Sudanese figures at the conference is natural and rich and is part of the work of the association.

Be a voice for Sudan

Be a voice for Sudan

  • Consul general of the Republic of Sudan Mohammed Ahmed Tajuddin.
  • Sudanese writer and historian Osama Al-Ashqar.
  • Dr. and lecturer at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, Mayada kemaleddin.
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed qavas.
  • Dr. Mahdi Ibrahim is the former Sudanese minister of press and communications.
  • Dr. Umar Farouk Korkmaz.
  • Deputy chairman of the human rights monitoring body in Sudan Yasser dafallah.

Results after planning and fatigue

The results obtained by the association after planning and fatigue, which came out of the conference, were organized in the following order:

1. The formation of a specialized committee whose members include figures from government and private institutions and researchers on Sudanese affairs to prepare an urgent response plan for the Sudanese people in light of this crisis.

2. Addressing Turkish and international donors to mobilize moral and financial support for the Sudanese people.

3. Launching a media campaign highlighting the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sudan with ways to alleviate it, to convey the voice of Sudan on the widest scale.

4. In cooperation with the competent authorities, work on reports to monitor events from a humanitarian perspective focusing on the affected and displaced.

5. Work on preparing a Turkish and international delegation to visit and support the displaced and affected Sudanese inside and outside Sudan.


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