Health situation in Africa

Africa occupies the first place in terms of disease outbreaks and deaths. it is one
of the most prevalent regions of the world of HIV / AIDS with 60%, while its
population does not exceed 11% of the total world population. Furthermore,
90% of all patients with swamp fever or malaria are found on the African
continent. Concurrently, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease,
diabetes, and cancer which are linked to a growing middle-class lifestyle are also
emerging as major causes of death on the continent. This creates a double
burden that African health systems cannot handle. In terms of child health, sub-
Saharan Africa has the highest under-five children mortality rate in the world.
One in 13 children dies in sub-Saharan Africa. 36% of all deaths in children under
the age of five in Africa is due to Pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhea. 31 million
deaths are expected for children under the age of five in Africa between 2018
and 2030 if no preventive measures are taken. In addition, Africa still has the
highest death rate for pregnant women, where 830 women die from causes
related to pregnancy and childbirth every day. The main causes for maternal
deaths are complications of pregnancy and childbirth such as bleeding (20%),
hypertensive disorders (15%), maternal sepsis and other diseases (10%), and
obstructed labor (10%). Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to new deaths
which can transfer the situation to a more chaotic place. In fact, the deficiencies
of the health system in Africa can be better understood if we take into account
that the annual rate of health expenditure per capita worldwide is one thousand
dollars. Furthermore, the inability of a large number of people accesses basic
health services in African populous countries.

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