How to contribute to the construction of a mosque

How to contribute to the construction of a mosque

The construction of a mosque is an investment and a contribution to the construction of places that promote religious and cultural communication, and the learning and teaching of Islamic values is not just the process of creating a place to perform prayer and worship.

The importance of contributing to the construction of a mosque lies in the positive impact it has on the individual and society. It is through such charity work that an individual can feel active participation in building society and strengthening the values of solidarity and cooperation. Moreover, contributing to the construction of a mosque is a way to get closer to Allah and increase remuneration and blessing in our life

Contributing to the construction of a mosque is one of the things that continues and extends with the individual even after death. Mosques are one of the Houses of Allah on Earth, and he is the first destination for all Muslims who are looking for reverence, comfort and tranquility

How to contribute to the construction of a mosque

One of the ways in which you can contribute to the construction of a mosque

Financial donation: the easiest and most effective way to contribute may be by making a financial donation. You can direct your donation to charities or religious institutions working on the construction of mosques.

Participation in charitable projects: joining specific charitable projects interested in building mosques can be a direct way to contribute.

Volunteering: charitable projects may need to volunteer the workforce to help with various tasks, such as physical assistance with construction work.

Communication with religious institutions: get in touch with religious institutions and inquire about how to contribute and what are the current needs for the construction of mosques.

By choosing the method that suits you the most, you can take an active part in building a mosque and promoting religious services in your community.

Donating and contributing funds for the construction and reconstruction of a mosque is considered a charity because it is one of the things that all Muslims benefit from . When you contribute a donation to the construction of a mosque, it is considered an act of charity that brings remuneration to the donor, and the remuneration will continue in the afterlife as a current charity.

Construction of a Sadaqah mosque is underway

A Muslim narrated from the Hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said: the messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:” if a person dies, his work is cut off from him except from three except from ongoing charity, or knowledge that benefits him, or a righteous child who calls for him.”

The term ongoing charity refers to charity that continues to benefit after its implementation, achieving a continuous remuneration for the donor. The construction of mosques is considered one of these charitable works that bring continuous benefits, as the mosque is used to perform prayers, provide religious and educational services, and the only place that many Muslims go to in search of tranquility, tranquility and reverence when praying and praying.

Thus, if you decide to donate for the construction of a mosque, this work is considered pure to Allah and a current charity that continues to bring remuneration even after the death of the donor.

The Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) said: (whoever builds a mosque for whom Allaah has built a similar one in Paradise) narrated by Al-Bukhaari (450) and Muslim (533) from the Hadeeth of Uthman, may Allaah be pleased with him.

If you decide to build a mosque with the intention of praying for the deceased and transferring remuneration to him, this is considered a way to give Zakat money and achieve good in the intention of helping Muslims and serving society.

In the context of ongoing charity, charitable works such as the construction of mosques, schools, hospitals and other charitable projects can be a means of transferring remuneration to the deceased. When prayer is held and people benefit from these projects, the deceased participates in the remuneration thanks to the pure and sincere intention of the donor.

How to contribute to the construction of a mosque

The cost of building a mosque

The cost of building a small mosque depends on several factors, including location, size, materials used in construction, and labor cost. Costs can vary greatly depending on local conditions and project-specific requirements. Here are some factors that affect the cost of building a small mosque:

Location: the cost of land in the region and the cost of construction licenses play an important role in determining the cost.

Size and design: the size and design of the mosque affect the cost. Small mosques are often cheaper than large ones.

Building materials: the quality of materials used in construction, such as brick, concrete, timber, affects the cost.

Technology: the use of advanced technology can raise the cost of the project.

Labor costs: the cost of Labor is an important factor, especially if there is a need to allocate engineers and skilled workers.

Muslims planning to build a mosque should choosea trusted charity with which they can get in touch to get an accurate estimate of the cost of the project based on the requirements for the mosque.

Donating to build a mosque represents a unique opportunity to contribute to the promotion of religious and social values. when you donate to build a mosque through the AHAD association, you contribute to creating a means of positive impact and building bridges of communication and charity, as it is a high-level Act of charity, because it promotes worship and provides a place for Muslims to perform the five daily prayers and perform other religious activities. This helps to encourage people to adhere to cults and strengthen individual and group spirituality.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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