International Day of living together in peace

International Day of living together in peace

Solidarity and peaceful coexistence call for the day of living together in peace

On the World Day of living together in peace, an event is organized around the world that takes place on the sixteenth of May every year. This celebration is held to support the efforts of the international community in promoting peace, tolerance, solidarity, understanding and solidarity. It expresses the desire of individuals to cooperate and coexist, transcending differences in order to build a world of peace, solidarity and harmony.

According to the UN organization, the day of living together in peace constitutes a call for countries to increase reconciliation efforts and contribute to ensuring peace and sustainable development. This includes working with communities, religious leaders and other actors through outreach, service and encouraging tolerance and empathy among individuals.

Culture of peace the United Nations vision for an interconnected and solid future

After the devastation of the Second World War, the United Nations was created with the aim of saving future generations from the scourge of war and building international cooperation to solve international issues in their various aspects. In confirmation of this, in 1997 the UN General Assembly proclaimed the “International Year of the culture of peace”, and the following year it proclaimed the “International Decade for a culture of peace and non-violence for the children of the world”.

By adopting its resolution in 1999 on the importance of the declaration and programme of action on a culture of peace, the General Assembly emphasized the urgent need to promote these values and principles in our global society. This declaration is based on the concept stated in the founding charter of UNESCO, where it was emphasized that “fortresses of peace should be built in the minds of human beings”. The General Assembly stressed that peace is not just the absence of conflict, but a dynamic, positive and participatory process that encourages dialogue and conflict resolution in a spirit of understanding and cooperation.

To achieve this noble goal, all forms of discrimination and intolerance must be eliminated, including racial, sexual, religious, cultural, political, economic and physical discrimination, so as to build a future based on respect, cooperation and solidarity among all members of humanity.

International Day of living together in peace

The power of global events to promote awareness and move towards change

International and global events are crucial opportunities to educate the public on important issues, to gather the political will and resources necessary to meet global challenges, as well as to celebrate and promote humanitarian achievements. Although some of these events originated before the founding of the United Nations organization, they were supported and supported by the United Nations, which adopted them as effective tools to raise awareness and stimulate change.

African solidarity celebrating peaceful coexistence on the continent

The International Day of living together in peace represents an important opportunity for Africa to promote the values of solidarity and peaceful coexistence within the continent and at the national and regional levels. Here is an explanation of the benefits that this occasion can bring to Africa:

1. Strengthening African solidarity:

The celebration of the International Day of living together in peace provides an opportunity for Africa to strengthen the values of solidarity and unity among the countries of the continent. This can be by supporting joint efforts to resolve regional conflicts and strengthening economic and political cooperation between African countries.

2. Strengthening inner peace:

The celebration of the International Day contributes to the strengthening of the spirit of peace and tolerance within African countries. This can contribute to strengthening relations between different communities and communities within each state, thereby promoting stability and development in the region.

3. Promoting dialogue and understanding of cultures:

The International Day can be an occasion to promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Through the exchange of experiences and experiences between African countries, understanding and cultural rapprochement between different peoples and communities can be strengthened.

4. Strengthening regional peace:

The celebration of the International Day of living together in peace can contribute to the strengthening of peace and stability at the regional level in Africa. By emphasizing the importance of peaceful coexistence and resolving conflicts in peaceful ways, security and stability in the region can be strengthened.

The International Day of living together in peace can be a valuable opportunity for Africa to strengthen solidarity and peace within the continent and build a more stable and prosperous future for its people.

International Day of living together in peace

AHAD partnership for sustainable development in Africa

AHAD works in the heart of the African continent, especially in the countries of Central and West Africa, looking to improve the quality of life of the poor and disadvantaged in those regions through its projects in the fields of health, education, water, and economic development.

AHAD understands the unique nature of the communities it works with, and therefore has chosen strategies that enable it to benefit from their skills and abilities, and accordingly enhance their participation and influence in building their communities towards sustainable development.

Ahad relies on the motto “because it’s worth living”, and works hard to realize this motto in every project she does. AHAD aims to positively impact the lives of the communities it serves, by providing basic needs, improving the quality of education, and empowering individuals to participate effectively in building productive and sustainable communities.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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