A charity to help eye patients

A charity to help eye patients that provides semi-free treatment for eye patients, makes a diagnosis for the patient and helps him to be treated and get professional eye care through charity operations.

How to register for charity Charities are an alliance of many people with the best experiences and volunteers who help people to get better.

Eye diseases are common and associations try to help with an examination that focuses on all parts of the eye, from keratitis, dry eyes, farsightedness and other widespread diseases.

The cost of such operations is high, but AHAD provides treatment and surgery for only 100 dollars, so if you donate 100 dollars you can make a new life.

A charity to help eye patients

A charity to help eye patients

A charity to help eye patients

The eyes are fragile organs, and eye surgery is a way to remove, repair, or manipulate your eye and surrounding tissues. risks include infection, eye damage, dehydration, and/or vision loss.

The risks are higher for some people than for others, the association believes in saving childhood and that every child deserves a future, that’s why it does everything it takes every day and in times of crisis to ensure healthy development.

Eye patients in need of cataract operations are one of the priorities of the Association, where cataract surgery is offered in an effort to save them from total blindness.

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A charity to help eye patients.

Charity operations.

How to register for charity

The association helps treat residents.

Free cataract eye operations

Charity operations

Eye patients need types of eye surgery, some of which can be performed in the clinic, others are called to a hospital.

People in Africa suffer from many serious diseases, including cataracts, where the symptoms of cataracts can go unnoticed in the initial stages of development, as the blur may affect a very small part of the lens.

As the opacity increases, blurry vision overwhelms the lens of the eye and causes blurred vision significantly, causing impaired vision, especially at night, which may lead to the appearance of more obvious symptoms: seeing halos around light bulbs.

How to register for charity

A Frequently Asked Question is, ‘ Can I be part of the association?’ Can I become a volunteer

Of course, everyone can join and volunteer to help people, you can register in charities as a charity to help eye patients in which volunteers work to help people, as in the eye patients Assistance Association in which the volunteer works to provide needs and cooperate to achieve the greatest benefit for sick people.

To apply to the charity you can follow simple steps:

  • Provide a resume (name, email, phone number, address, tasks performed by you).
  • Make sure to mention your goal of volunteering.
  • Go to the headquarters of the association to submit the application.
  • Encourage participation by showing your wishes for support and change.


An association that helps treat residents

The treatment is daily or on intermittent days, this subject has called for research by the association to apply to them, and to stay when there are cases that require periodic monitoring by the supervising doctor and specialists.

The charity association to help eye patients provided comprehensive treatment so that anyone can apply and get all the medical supplies, which made the Association a great attraction Center for the headquarters of the Association of people in need of treatment.

AHAD Association is an association that helps the treatment of residents for a long time in all countries in Africa and supported in order to help patients in the right way, so it was the best of those who sought and the best of those who reaped his fatigue towards people.

Spend the needs of people worshiping, a phrase that we all know and its great meaning represents the motto of the association.

Free cataract eye operations

Surgery refers to the physical treatment, removal or repair of organs and tissues to treat a disease. In many cases, surgery may mean cutting an organ. In the case of eye surgery, the organ is your eye, and the tissues are the muscles and nerves surrounding it.

Some charities to help eye patients do eye operations for free, as is the Ahad, which has provided assistance for cancer treatment, dispensing prescriptions, providing many medical aids and surgeries, and specializes in cataract operations .

Common questions

1. Which type of eye surgery is better

The type of eye surgery that addresses your medical problem is the best for you. In recent years, the use of lasers and robots has improved some types of eye surgeries, making them the “best” for those cases.


2. Can eye surgery improve vision

In many cases, eye surgery can improve vision . For example, vision improves through surgery to correct refractive error, cataracts, and severely drooping eyelids.


3. How to keep your eyes healthy

  • Eat the bait well.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Use safety glasses.
  • Look away from the computer screen.
  • Visit a doctor regularly.

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