The virtue of sponsoring the orphan in this world and the hereafter

The best way to take care of an orphan in Islam is the method of charity and honor

The Islamic religion is characterized by giving the orphan a special and high status, where he honored him and ordered charity to him, and Allah Almighty promised to sponsor him with a great reward in this world and the hereafter, which makes his care one of the gates of goodness through which the slave obtains happiness in this world and honor in the hereafter.

In light of this, the concept of “caring for an orphan” should be defined, as this includes all actions related to charity to him, the preservation of his rights and money, and his upbringing on the religion of God.

Such care is manifested in the provision of food and drink, but, most importantly, attention is paid to the psychological and pedagogical side of the orphan, as his oppression, humiliation or infringement of his rights is deprived in all its forms. Rather, Islam urges to educate him on virtuous values and morals, and compensate him adequately for the love and tenderness he lost with the death of his father, with proper guidance and adjusting his behavior towards righteousness

Forms of Orphan Care in Islam establish care and support

Caring for an orphan is diverse and versatile in Islam, as it is considered part of the values and morals advocated by the True Religion. Among the recognized forms of sponsorship and sponsorship are:

1. Family embrace:

The orphan is part of the sponsor’s family, where he lives and enjoys the same care and tenderness as the rest of the family, and he is provided with all the basic needs and emotional support.

2. Financial support:

Financial support is provided to the orphan through financial guarantees that help him meet his daily needs and face life challenges.

3. Social welfare:

It includes social services aimed at improving the quality of life of an orphan and promoting his integration into society.

4. Health care:

It includes medical and therapeutic services that ensure the health and safety of the orphan.

5. Educational and pedagogical care:

Providing educational and educational opportunities that help the orphan to develop his intellectual and mental skills and abilities.

In these many ways, Islam seeks to achieve comprehensive care for the orphan, which includes various aspects of life and ensures his growth and prosperity in a supportive and loving environment.

The virtue of sponsoring the orphan in this world and the hereafter

The use of zakat for the care of orphans religious and fiqh guidelines

The question arises as to whether the orphan is among the recipients of Zakat, since it is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran. The Quranic verse indicates that Zakat belongs to the poor, the poor, those working on it, and the son of the way. However, an orphan may be among these deserving, but it may also be a person with a stable financial situation.

Sheikh Ibn Othaimeen pointed out that poor orphans are considered Zakat holders, and zakat can be paid for their care if circumstances warrant it, stressing that the amount should be used carefully to meet their basic needs and achieve their well-being. However, it should be borne in mind that an orphan may be rich and does not need Zakat, therefore not every orphan is entitled to it, it depends on his actual financial condition.

The virtues of sponsoring an orphan are a blessing and a good that extends to this world and the hereafter

Sponsoring an orphan brings great grace and blessing that manifests itself in this world and brings good to its owner in the hereafter. Here are some of the multiple benefits of this noble work:

1. The orphan’s sponsor receives the honor of accompanying the messenger in Paradise, as corrected by the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), which indicates the distinction of the rank of the messenger and the one who sponsors the orphans in the hereafter.

2. The orphan’s sponsor receives the reward of charity and connection if the orphan is close to him, which increases his rewards and remuneration.

3. Sponsoring an orphan reflects the healthy and pure psychological instinct of the sponsor, and contributes to spreading friendliness and love, and building a society free of hatred and hatred.

4. Sponsoring an orphan is one of the reasons for achieving tenderness of heart and purifying it from cruelty and ruggedness.

5. Sponsoring an orphan expresses the sponsor’s love for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and strengthens the bond of kindness and love between members of the community.

6. Sponsoring an orphan is a way to cleanse money, get a blessing and an increase in livelihood.

7. Sponsoring an orphan is considered one of the decent morals that elevates the soul, and embodies the values of Islam in charity and mercy.

8. Sponsoring an orphan is one of the reasons for prevention and deliverance from the punishment of Allah in the hereafter, as the Sponsor may be spared from the horrors of the day of resurrection.

Thanks to these virtues, sponsoring an orphan is still considered one of the greatest acts of charity that brings blessing and good in this world and the hereafter.

The virtue of sponsoring the orphan in this world and the hereafter

The virtues of sponsoring an orphan are a light that illuminates the world and the afterlife of the sponsor

Sponsoring an orphan brings many benefits and virtues that benefit the sponsor in this world and the hereafter, and these virtues are manifested as follows:

1. Proof of purity of character and integrity of heart:

Sponsoring an orphan is a conclusive proof of the sponsor’s purity and integrity of character, the sponsor’s charity to the orphan reflects his faith and the purity of his heart.

2. The Prophet’s neighborhood in Paradise:

The Kafeel will be in Paradise in a place close to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), where he will share in his neighborhood in the hereafter, reflecting the greatness of the reward that awaits the Kafeel.

3. The great reward of God :

The sponsor receives a great reward from Allah-may he be exalted – for his charity and care for the orphan, and the revival of the trust entrusted to him will be rewarded with a great reward from Allah.

4. Discharge the heart leaf cherub:

Sponsoring an orphan contributes to relieving the sponsor’s worries and his heart leaf, charity and mercy bring peace and happiness to the soul.

With these virtues, the effect of sponsoring an orphan is manifested in achieving blessing and happiness in the world of the sponsor and in the hereafter, which makes this work one of the greatest charitable works that a person can do.

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