Verses about charity

Charity has a strong influence on the alms-giving psyche. When a person believes, he feels psychological satisfaction and inner happiness. Giving and charity infuse into the soul a feeling of enthusiasm and Hope, which leads to improved optimism and self-confidence. It also creates a good social bond between a person and society, as it increases social connection and strengthens belonging to others.

The psychology of the truthful

The believing soul feels happiness and psychological satisfaction when he believes. When a person improves the life of another person or supports him financially, a strong feeling of enthusiasm and hope is generated inside him. It also increases optimism and self-confidence, which leads to an improvement in the general state of mental health. Charity infuses the soul with a spirit of responsiveness and empathy, strengthens belonging and social connection.

The benefits of charity for mental health

Charity is a charity that positively affects mental health. When a person believes and contributes to improving the lives of others, he feels happy and contributes to the good of society. Charity increases feelings of optimism and self-confidence, and also strengthens belonging, the spirit of responsiveness and empathy for others.

The importance of charity in Islam

The importance of charity in Islam lies in the fact that it is one of the loving acts of worship to Allah, which Muslims are urged to practice permanently. Charity is one of the reasons for lifting the scourge and poverty, purifying oneself from scarcity and greed, and it also promotes compassion and empathy among Muslims, and strengthens social ties between individuals and groups in society.

Charity in the Holy Quran

The Holy Quran emphasizes the importance of charity and urges Muslims to practice it. Allah Almighty has said in Surah Al-Baqarah: “O you who believe, spend out of the good things that you have earned and what we have brought you out of the Earth” (2:267). Charity is a means of giving alms to money and cleansing it from scarcity and greed.

Verses about charity

Urging charity in the Sunnah of the Prophet

The Sunnah of the Prophet urges the importance of charity and encourages Muslims to practice it. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “charity is to quench the anger of the Lord, pay off the Evil Dead, and remove the disease” (Bukhari). Also, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) pointed out the virtue of hidden charity, where he said: “Secret charity quenches the anger of the Lord” (Kafi). This shows that charity is of great importance in the year of the messenger of Allah.

Benefits of social charity

Charity leads to significant social benefits. They promote empathy and compassion among members of society, contribute to improving the living conditions of the poor and needy. It also achieves a balance between individuals in society and creates strong bonds between them. Charity plays an important role in promoting solidarity and social cooperation, leading to the building of a strong and prosperous society.

The impact of charity on society

Charity is an effective way to achieve balance in society, it contributes to improving the conditions of the poor and needy. By distributing charity appropriately, aid is directed to those who need it most. Strengthening the spirit of compassion and solidarity in society leads to providing support to those who are going through difficult circumstances and thus reducing burdens and creating a more inclusive and humane society.

Charity as a means of promoting social solidarity

Charity is an effective way to strengthen social solidarity in society. The distribution of charity to the poor and needy creates a spirit of compassion and cooperation among the members of society. Charity recipients feel psychologically satisfied and happy when helping others, while beneficiaries benefit from support that suits their needs. Thus, social solidarity and greater harmony of society are achieved.

Types of charity

Charity takes many and varied forms in Islam, there is open charity and hidden charity. Overt charity is that which is declared and shown to people, while hidden is that which is hidden from others. Muslims are urged to give alms in both forms, as overt alms can motivate and encourage others to give alms, while hidden alms are more noble and higher.

Public charity

Public charity is one of the types of charity that is declared and shown to people. Public charity is a way to encourage others to be honest and give them a spirit of sharing and charity. Public charity may be given in the form of money, with the righteousness of “kind words” or help in solving other people’s problems.

Verses about charity

Hidden charity

Hidden charity is a type of charity that is given confidentially and without announcement. Hidden charity is considered a virtue in Islam and enjoys great prestige, it is a sublime experience for people who believe in it and makes them feel happy and close to Allah. This charity expresses the desire to please God and preserve the privacy of the beneficiaries, which enhances the value of giving by making an effort for others free of charge.

Charity and economic development

Charity greatly affects economic development. When individuals and institutions give charity, the local economy is stimulated and the volume of investment in society increases. Charity may be financial support for those in need or the opening of small businesses for orphans and widows. Through these efforts, sustainable development is achieved and leads to raising the standard of living in society.

The impact of charity on the economy

Charity plays an important role in stimulating the economy, as it increases the movement of money and investment in society. As soon as individuals and institutions give alms, the money is directed to people in need and thus the economy of the city or country is stimulated. In addition, the charity helps to create new job opportunities such as small projects for orphans and Widows, which contributes to strengthening the local economy.

Charity as a means to achieve sustainable development through the AHAD Association

Charity is an effective way to achieve sustainable development in communities, as it contributes to providing the basic needs of needy individuals and promotes employment opportunities and sustainable economic development. The charity provides financial resources for social and infrastructure projects, promotes education, health and the environment. In doing so, Charity contributes to building more sustainable and prosperous societies.

Charity and giving

Charity and giving are a universal concept in Islam, where Muslims are encouraged to follow these values and charity. Being honest and giving contributes to achieving social solidarity and alleviating suffering for others. Muslims are urged to be generous in their alms and feel the value of giving, as alms have a positive effect on the psyche and bring inner happiness.

Charity as a holistic concept

Charity as a universal concept in Islam means that it is not just charity, but a way of life that reflects generosity and giving. Charity includes all kinds of material and moral assistance and donations made to the poor and needy. It extends to improving the lives of others in multiple aspects such as food, shelter, education and healthcare.

Encouraging giving and honesty

Islam strongly encourages giving and charity, considering them the best deeds in religion. We find many verses in the Quran that urge Muslims to believe and extend a helping hand to those in need. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also constantly urged to believe and showed him as a model in his life. Charity is considered a way to gain reward and blessing in life and elevate the human spirit.

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