Verses and talks on orphanage

Verses and talks on orphanage

The guarantee of the orphan is one of the greatest and most righteous acts, the favor of which is constant and uninterrupted by God’s permission. Orphans are one of the most in need of care and sponsorship, and therefore, they represent a real investment for humanity.

All good work done by the orphan in his life, and all the good effect he has after his death, is in the balance of his guarantor’s welfare. Therefore, ensuring orphans is one of God’s best acts. As Ibn Al-Qaim said: “The best charity I have ever come to believe, and it has always been.”

The legal texts affirm the preference of guaranteeing orphans, whether from the words of God Almighty or from the year of his apostle Peace be upon Him, making it an unparalleled investment for the other and a guaranteed balance for the good and blessing.

Orphan’s sponsorship virtue is a door of righteousness.

The Quranic verses and the Prophet Sunna talk about the virtue of ensuring orphans and spending money on them, which shows how important this noble work is in Islam.

A verse indicates in the cow.

[I] t is not righteous to take your face before the bright, the stranger, and the righteousness of Allah who is safe in God and the other day, and the future of Ma ‘aleh The verse. [Cow: 177] Orphans’ spending and care is one of the greatest doors of righteousness, demonstrating belief in God and the other day, angels, writers and prophets, and characterized by the delivery of money to the poor, relatives, orphans and the poor.

In the Holy Koran, they feed food on their beloved inhabitants, orphans and captives. [Human: 8] The verse speaks of the qualities of the righteous believers, feeding food to the poor, orphans and prisoners.

When we guarantee the orphan and spend on him, we imitate the morality of the Prophet Prayer of God and demonstrate the noble qualities that characterize the true believer.

Verses and talks on orphanage

The virtue of feeding food over his love is a blessing from God.

The Quranic verses in the Holy Koran speak of the people of heaven who survive the entry into fire: {And feed food on his love of a knife, orphan and captive.] This day evoked and gave them great harm and secrets. [Human Being: 8 – 11]

For the virtue of the people who survived entering the fire, showing their affection for feeding food over his love for the poor, orphans and prisoners.

These verses indicate that man provides food with a clear intention and sincere love, not to honour or thank you, but only for God’s face. This reflects their sacrifice and anxiety at God’s satisfaction.

Fear of their Lord one day shows a pout of caterpillar, but God transcends them from that evil, and rewards them with the bliss of paradise where they enjoy freshness and pleasure.

Feeding the hungry a way to the farmer in the afterlife

Remember the Quran in the Holy Koran. To say the Almighty, “[Country: 11 – 18].

The obstacle to entering the paradise, namely the need for piety and good deeds. God refers to the importance of feeding the poor and orphans, especially those of their kinship, as part of good deeds that remove obstacles and lead to safety in the afterlife.

In these verses, believers are urged to spend for God’s sake, especially in feeding hungry and needy people. This is a way to overcome obstacles to entering heaven.

The interpretation of the obstacle varies between sins, sticks, tightness, a mountain in hell, fireworks, etc., demonstrating the importance of piety and good deeds in achieving eternal happiness in the afterlife.

Preference for the care of orphans in Islam

The favor of caring for orphans is well known in the Islamic religion, where the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has rightly emphasized the importance of this charitable work. Speaking of Abu Harira, the Prophet said: “I and Kafel are orphans in heaven,” pointing to the forefinger and the middle. In a novel by Imam Muslims, he said: “The orphan bailed on him or others, as he is in heaven”, asserting that he preferred this work regardless of who he was doing.

Everyone who hears this talk should work with him, to be a companion to the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him in heaven, no better place in the afterlife than that, as explained by the son of Herzegovina. Wisdom is shown in the analogy of Kafel’s orphanage near the Prophet Prayer of Allah, where he is sent to a people who do not make sense of their religion, and be a kafel, teacher and guide to them, just as the Prophet was.

An inspiring story affirming the favour of caring for orphans is that of a widowed woman in Paradise, who has presented her youth and effort to raise her orphaned children, and has refrained from marrying for them, making her worthy of reward and appreciation in the world and in the aftermath.

According to Prophet Salman in the talk of Auf bin Malik Al-Ashaji, the woman who died from her husband and remained with her orphans until they reached majority or died, highlighting the value of sacrifice and giving in the care of orphans.

In short, his preference for caring for orphans in Islam reflects great human values, an act of appreciation and wages in the world and the afterwards, that brings one close to the Prophet Prayer of God in heaven, and raises one’s degree in the eye of God.

Verses and talks on orphanage

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