What are the conditions for drilling a water well

What are the conditions for drilling a water well

Since ancient times, wells have been of great importance as sources of water, one of the most important elements on the planet. Humans have drilled wells using several methods since their inception, and the ease of these methods varies depending on the cost and technology used in the drilling process. Wells can be drilled with manual equipment, and they can also be drilled with automatic mechanisms, which facilitates the process of accessing groundwater and providing water need to local communities.

A water well is an essential source of human life

A water well is defined as a deep hole in the Earth’s interior, into which water collects, the waters of which are classified as groundwater. Well water is a major source of water; it contributes significantly to meeting daily human needs, and is also used in agriculture and industry. After rain falls on the surface of the Earth, precipitation seeps out and collects in the subsoil, until it reaches the groundwater reservoir, which is an area of soil and rocks filled with water. The water level inside the reservoir is affected by the change of seasons throughout the year, and its level may remain constant unless withdrawn from it or from neighboring reservoirs.

What are the conditions for drilling a water well

Necessary preparations before drilling a well

Before proceeding with the drilling of any well, you should take care of the following things:

Conduct a hydraulic assessment of the site; to determine the quality of the soil and the extent of its permeability and porosity.

Ensure that the site to be excavated is far from any source of pollution, such as sewage systems, fuel tanks, and places where pesticides and fertilizers are stored.

Examine the water inside the well chemically, biologically and physically.

Conducting an economic feasibility study of the drilling process, by estimating the amount of water inside the well and determining the impact of this amount on the cost of pumping water later.

Manual well drilling the simple and reliable way

The method of manual well drilling is considered one of the easiest and simplest when choosing the location of a well in shallow, non-harsh terrain. This method involves the use of manual equipment such as a shovel, since digging stops when the water level is reached. The bottom of the well is filled with water to divert drilling to a level deeper than the water level, and then the sides of the well are cemented using stones, concrete or other materials. This method is considered reliable and effective in providing water sources to local communities.

An uncommon method of payment Wells

Thrust wells are so named because of the way they work, as they involve pushing pipes whose sides have holes into the ground, allowing groundwater to seep into the pipe. After that, this water is drawn to the surface of the well for utilization. Despite the effectiveness of this method, it is considered one of the uncommon and not very widespread methods.

What are the conditions for drilling a water well

Rotary drilling method deep drilling equipment

The rotary drilling method is one of the most complex well drilling methods that requires specialized equipment. This method involves the use of platforms mounted on the surface, where drilling begins with a rotating head that rotates and penetrates the layers of the Earth. After that, pipes are stretched in the pit to draw water from the aquifers. This method is characterized by a depth of up to 300 meters below the surface of the earth, pumps are often installed to raise water from the depth of the well to the surface of the earth to take advantage of it.

Mechanical and chemical well maintenance methods

Maintenance and treatment of Wells is carried out using a variety of methods as follows:

The mechanical method:

Maintenance of Wells is carried out by the mechanical method by lowering a brush down the well to clean its walls from deposits stuck in it. Pipes can also be pulled out of the well for cleaning and replacing damaged pipes.

The chemical method:

The well is treated by the chemical method using acids and chemicals, without taking them out of the well. A thorough sterilization of the well should be carried out before starting pumping to kill all germs and viruses that may be stuck inside it. This limits the risk of biological contamination of the well water and ensures the safety of the water used.

AHAD society’s initiative to build wells as an ongoing charity in Africa

The AHAD Association in Africa seeks to build wells as a running charity with the aim of providing clean and potable water to local communities. The association starts by identifying areas suffering from water shortages and provides all the necessary facilities for the construction of the well, including drilling equipment and basic materials.

Great attention is paid to ensuring the sustainability of these projects, as regular maintenance of the well is provided and local communities are trained on how to take care of it. The association also provides local leaders to effectively manage and maintain the well.

The construction of wells as a running charity is an important part of charity work in Africa, as it contributes to improving the health and safety of local communities and providing a better life. Ahad encourages donors and fans to contribute to these charitable projects to bring lasting benefits to communities in need.

By donating to the poor through the Ahad humanitarian association, we express noble human values and open the door to opportunities to improve the lives of others. The association works with continuous efforts to achieve a positive impact on people’s lives and provide the necessary support to those in need effectively through its various projects that promote sustainable development and work to build more solidarity and progressive societies.

Let us all support the efforts of the Ahad humanitarian association, and participate in achieving progress and providing opportunities to needy individuals in society.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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