What happens if you sponsor an orphan

What happens if you sponsor an orphan

Mercy and kindness towards the orphan in Islam

In Islam, caring for an orphan is of great importance, as the Sharia urged kindness and care for them, and Allah Almighty made Paradise a punishment for those who care for orphans and compel their thoughts. In the noble Hadith of the prophet, it is mentioned that Allah shakes for the orphan’s crying, and praises the one who silences him with his consent, preparing him from paradise until he is satisfied.

In the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), Muslim homes were given honor if they honored the orphan in them and treated him with mercy and compassion. The house that hosts the orphan and embraces him with all love is considered the best house in Islam, and its owner is waiting to accompany him in the gardens of paradise on the day of judgment.

Sponsoring an orphan to give money and literature for good

Sponsoring an orphan comes in two types: financial and literary, both of which represent a type of donation made by Muslims. The financial and moral guarantee includes the taxpayer giving money or service to others for free, with the aim of a good and well-known work. In the usual sponsorship of orphans carried out by civil institutions, the sponsor provides simultaneous financial assistance and literary support. This is in line with the Shari’a rulings and deserves the divine reward, including the types of sponsorship, whether financial, literary or both.

The benefits of sponsoring an orphan in Islam

In Islam, the benefits of sponsoring an orphan are evident on several aspects:

First, approach the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in Paradise.

Secondly: it embodies the mercy, good morals and good instinct of a good Muslim.

Third: building a loving, compassionate society free from hatred and anger.

Fourth: it is considered one of the commendable morals in Islam and one of the best gates of goodness.

Fifth: purification and recommendation of Muslim money.

Sixth: it brings blessings and happiness to the orphan’s sponsor, his money and his family.

Seventh: it is considered a good way to spend money in obedience to Allah.

Eighth: it preserves the orphan from the danger of deviation and straying.

Ninth: it is considered a worship performed for the face of Allah, raising grades, erasing bad things and increasing good things.

What happens if you sponsor an orphan

The favor of sponsoring an orphan in Islam is the purpose of business and the highest grades

In Islam, sponsoring an orphan is of great importance, as Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) made it one of the greatest works and rewarded it with rewards. Quranic verses and prophetic hadiths indicate the importance of caring for and caring for an orphan, and place them in many places as a warning against his neglect and encouragement to pay attention to him. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was told that the guardian of the orphan enjoys his company in Paradise, which makes it one of the best works in Islam. The Islamic Sharia has arranged a great reward for the orphan’s sponsorship, as it considers it a forced payment for his weakness and standing in the place of his family, and sponsorship continues until the orphan is able to become independent and gain on his own.

Conditions for sponsoring an orphan in Islam

In Islam, certain conditions are laid down for the sponsorship of an orphan, including justice, charity and avoidance of injustice. An orphan is defined in Islamic law as a child who lost his father when he was young, and this child continues to be called an orphan until he reaches adulthood, but he can still be considered an orphan in certain cases, such as frivolity, insanity, or inability to support.

The virtue of sponsoring an orphan in Islam

Allah Almighty honors those who provide for the orphan, promising him sustenance and forgiveness, and our Holy Prophet emphasized this matter in his honorable speech, where he promised those who provide for orphans with companionship in Paradise and a great reward in this world, with purification and purification of money, its blessing and an increase in livelihood.

What happens if you sponsor an orphan

The role of Orphan Care in building a cohesive society

Within the framework of the teachings of our true religion, we find a constant call to build a strong, cohesive society, where the orphan occupies a special place as a wide segment of society. His care and sponsorship are associated with many benefits, both for him and for society, and can be summarized in the following points:

1. Correctly building an individual is considered the basis in the formation of a healthy society.

2. Proper education on the values of Islam and correct morality contribute to the development of personality.

3. Strengthening interdependence and cooperation between members of society promotes unity and social cohesion.

An Islamic vision for the care of orphans

An orphan is an important individual in any society, forming an integral part of its formation, as he has abilities and possibilities that need to be developed and developed to properly serve society. It depends on proper education that stems from the values of religion and to which the Almighty has called.

Our true religion has not ignored the importance of caring for orphans, but has encouraged this through Quranic verses and hadiths that urge good treatment and good care for them, with the promise of good rewards in this world and the Hereafter For those who sponsor them with charity.

It is the responsibility of the nation’s scientists and community institutions at all times to sensitize society to the importance of caring for orphans, encouraging their upbringing in a natural way, thereby promoting justice and solidarity in society.

The role of associations in caring for orphans, building personalities and enhancing experiences

In the majority of societies, associations and nursing homes have become the adopted system for carrying out the high responsibility towards orphans, with the help of professionally trained cadres.

These associations play a pivotal and supportive role for official efforts in protecting orphans from being lost in their communities, as they provide the necessary care to them in a thoughtful manner. This care is based on various programs and activities designed specifically for this segment, which contribute to building their personalities, help them overcome obstacles and enhance their skills.

AHAD Association is a partner in building a society of solidarity and progress

The values of giving and dedication to charity are the basis for building communities characterized by interdependence and solidarity. Humanitarian associations, such as AHAD, contribute to strengthening social cooperation and achieving well-being for all by providing support and assistance to people in need.

By donating to the poor through the Ahad humanitarian association, individuals reflect high human values and give the opportunity to improve the lives of others. AHAD stands out for its diverse efforts in the fields of Sustainable Development, which contributes to improving living conditions and providing opportunities for individuals.

With diligence and sincerity, AHAD works to achieve a positive impact on people’s lives, and effectively provide the necessary support to those in need. Through its multiple projects, the association seeks to build a more solid and progressive society.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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