AHAD’s efforts to support families and distribute food baskets to families in need in Africa

AHAD is one of the leading humanitarian organizations focused on supporting families in need in Africa through the distribution of food baskets and sustainable development initiatives. The association was founded with the aim of providing immediate assistance to the most vulnerable families, with a focus on achieving a long-term impact in the communities it serves.

AHAD Association’s main activities

Distribution of food baskets

AHAD distributes food baskets containing essential items such as rice, flour, oil, sugar, legumes, and packaging, to ensure that integrated diets are provided to needy families. The Association conducts periodic campaigns to distribute these baskets in areas most affected by poverty and hunger, where assistance reaches poor families in villages and remote areas.

Local and international partnerships

AHAD relies on strong partnerships with local and international organizations to ensure an effective and sustainable distribution of assistance. The Society works in collaboration with local governments, non-governmental organizations and civil society to strengthen their efforts and reach as many people in need as possible. These partnerships contribute to improving distribution efficiency and ensuring access to hard-to-reach areas.

Focus on vulnerable groups

AHAD pays special attention to the most vulnerable groups in society, such as children, pregnant women and the elderly. By providing food baskets to these groups, the association helps to improve their health and alleviate the burden on underresourced families. These efforts are aimed at reducing malnutrition rates and improving the quality of life for vulnerable groups.

Emergency response

In the event of natural disasters or armed conflicts, AHAD is among the first to provide emergency assistance. The Society provides immediate food assistance to affected families, helping to alleviate suffering and provide basic needs in times of crisis. This rapid response is essential to sustaining people’s lives and providing them with the necessary protection.


Support to local agriculture

In addition to distributing food baskets, AHAD focuses on supporting local agriculture by providing training and resources to farmers. These initiatives aim to improve agricultural production and increase communities’ ability to produce their own food, thereby contributing to self-sufficiency and reducing dependence on external assistance.

Education and awareness-raising programmes

AHAD is implementing educational and awareness programs to improve food and health knowledge in communities. These programmes include training courses on healthy nutrition, sustainable agriculture and resource management. Through these programmes, the Society seeks to enable individuals and communities to sustainably improve their living conditions.

Challenges and achievements


Despite the successes of AHAD, AHAD faces many challenges such as difficulty in reaching remote areas, lack of funding, and logistical challenges related to the transport and storage of food. These challenges require sustained efforts to overcome them and ensure effective and sustainable delivery of assistance.


AHAD has been able to achieve many achievements thanks to its ongoing efforts and collaboration with local and international partners. These achievements include the distribution of thousands of food baskets to needy families, improving the nutritional and health status of vulnerable groups, and strengthening communities’ capacities through sustainable development programmes.

AHAD’s efforts to support needy families in Africa and distribute food baskets are a vivid example of effective and sustainable humanitarian action. Through strong partnerships and a focus on the most vulnerable, the association seeks to achieve a long-term positive impact in the communities it serves, contributing to building a better and more stable future for millions of people on the African continent.


Your donation to AHAD: An active contribution to supporting poor and needy families in Africa

Your donation to AHAD can make a real difference to the lives of many poor and needy families in Africa. The association offers significant humanitarian efforts to alleviate the suffering of families facing difficult conditions due to poverty, conflict, and natural disasters. Here are some ways your donation contributes to supporting these families:

Provision of basic food

Your donation helps finance the purchase of food baskets containing essential items such as rice, flour, oil, sugar, legumes, and tins. These baskets ensure the provision of integrated diets for undernourished families, thereby contributing to reduced rates of hunger and malnutrition.

Improving public health

By providing healthy and balanced food, your donation contributes to improving the health status of families, especially children, pregnant women and the elderly. Good food enhances immunity, reduces the risk of malnutrition-related diseases, and helps promote the proper development of children.

Support for education

Providing basic food gives children a better opportunity to focus on their studies rather than worrying about their daily meals. Good nutrition enhances academic performance and increases children’s chances of staying in school, contributing to building a better future for them and their communities.

Strengthening the local economy

Your donation not only provides food, but also contributes to supporting local markets. By distributing food vouchers used to purchase food from local merchants, the association helps to boost economic activity and support local traders and farmers.

Emergency response

In the event of natural disasters or armed conflicts, your donation can contribute to emergency assistance to affected families. This immediate assistance ensures basic needs such as food, water and health care, helping to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Support for sustainable development programmes

Besides providing immediate assistance, your donation is used to support development programs aimed at achieving sustainability. These include training farmers in sustainable farming techniques, providing resources to improve agricultural production, and implementing nutrition and public health awareness programmes

How can you donate?

Your donation can easily be done through many available channels:
Through the Society’s website, where credit cards or other electronic means of payment can be donated.
Funds can be transferred directly to the Assembly’s bank account.
You can also donate food or other supplies needed by needy families.

Your donation to AHAD is an investment in a better future for poor and needy families in Africa. By supporting you, you contribute to providing basic food, improving public health, supporting education, strengthening the local economy, and responding to emergencies. In addition, your donations help support sustainable development programs aimed at self-sufficiency for local communities. Every donation, whatever its size, can make a big difference and change many lives for the better.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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