AHAD Campaign’s through Ramadan 2024

AHAD Campaign’s through Ramadan 2024

At the heart of every human endeavor lies the pulse of giving and the spirit of solidarity, which reflects the highest meaning of human existence. Charity campaigns stand out as one of the forms of expression of this high morality, a call to alleviate pain and instill hope in the lives of many. In this context, AHAD stands proud of its efforts and continuous campaigns towards achieving its humanitarian mission. From all over the world to the arms of the African continent, we weave our article entitled “charity campaigns carried out by the AHAD “, to tell the stories of solidarity manifested in its finest forms through this association, with its humanitarian initiatives stretching with strings of charity across borders and oceans.

Campaign ١٠٠٠ Mushaf

In the journey of goodness and light, AHAD Society launched a high-end campaign entitled “حف Mushaf”, touring the fields of Science and knowledge throughout the continent of Africa, where its tireless efforts continue to collect the Qurans in order to reach the number of thousands. Through this initiative, the association seeks to raise the flag of culture and promote religious awareness, providing many communities in Africa with a path of guidance and learning. Despite the challenges, the association remains steadfast in its determination, taking continuous steps towards achieving its goal, documenting an epic of solidarity amid a stimulating atmosphere for both the giver and the recipient.

AHAD Campaign's through Ramadan 2024

Drilling campaign “Al-Aqsa well for us”

Under the slogan” The Well of Al-Aqsa is ours”, AHAD continues its charitable march in the heart of the continent of Africa, where it launched a humanitarian campaign to drill a well with the intention of helping our brothers in Gaza. This campaign aims to provide a permanent and sustainable source of clean water for Gazans who suffer from a shortage of Safe Drinking Water. In light of the difficult circumstances that are casting a shadow on the sector, this gesture is considered as a lifeline that contributes to alleviating their suffering. The door of receiving donations is still open, as the Association invites compassionate hearts and white hands to contribute to the completion of this noble project, stressing that every brick in this charitable building guarantees blessed watering for orphans and families looking forward to the dawn of a new dawn.

AHAD Campaign's through Ramadan 2024

Food baskets project

In the shadow of the holy month, AHAD Association overlooks us with a cooperative initiative that is no less bright and tender than the blessed days we are living. The Association announces its annual Ramadan campaign under the slogan”Ramadan is sweeter with participation”. Here is Damascus, the capital of jasmine, reverberating with echoes of good and inviting its children to spread the spirit of giving in the charming Africa. The campaign aims to add another dimension to the month of Ramadan for those in need by supporting them with integrated food baskets containing their daily necessities of basic foods, in addition to organizing group iftar events that bring families together and strengthen ties of love and humanity. This campaign is a step in a long path of charitable efforts, as each food basket contributes to putting a smile on the faces of fasting people and providing a ray of light in their lives, emphasizing the values of solidarity and brotherhood that the values of the holy month of Ramadan teach us.

حملات جمعية AHAD

The obstacles and vows project

With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, philanthropists and devotees are racing to unleash the waves of goodness and achieve divine closeness in various forms of worship. In this context, AHAD Charity Association stands out with its valuable project “Aqaba and vows project”, which aims to promote the concept of distributing Aqaba and vows on the African continent during the holy month. The Association opens the door to those who wish to perform this spiritual pillar, so that the sacrifices are slaughtered according to Islamic law and distributed to needy families, giving them the opportunity to have breakfast on what facilitates their daily sustenance. It is an act that transcends intentions and doubles wages, especially in the month of mercy and forgiveness, and the association strives to continue this benefit, inviting everyone to participate and donate, stressing that the door of donation to this project is still open, to extend its benefit through the remaining days of the holy month.

Ramadan is a month of goodness and giving, in which the feeling of charity and compassion between people is manifested, during which donation is considered one of the finest manifestations of social solidarity. During Ramadan, individuals become more aware of the importance of giving, as donating, whether in kind or financially, contributes to easing the burden of life on the shoulders of the poor and needy in Damascus and abroad. It opens a door of livelihood for the donor himself, as confirmed by many religious texts that exhort charity and make it a healer of many social problems. Donating during Ramadan reflects positively on the entire community, as it spreads the culture of cooperation and strengthens the bonds of solidarity, which helps to build a more cohesive and solidarity society.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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