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Food Programs:

AHAD’s food programs aim to address food insecurity and hunger in the communities we serve. We provide emergency food aid, support local agriculture and farming. By doing so, we hope to improve the health and well being of those who are food insecure and vulnerable.


  • Providing emergency food aid
  • Supporting local agriculture and farming
  • Improving food storage and distribution systems

WASH Programs:

Our WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) programs focus on improving access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and promoting hygiene practices in the communities we serve. We work on building wells, boreholes, and water pumps, as well as improving water storage and distribution systems. Through these efforts, we aim to reduce water-borne diseases, improve overall health and wellbeing, and promote dignity for all individuals.


  • Building wells and boreholes
  • Installing water pumps and tanks
  • Improving water storage and distribution systems

Development Programs:

AHAD’s development programs aim to empower communities and promote sustainable development. We provide business training and support, promote entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities for underprivileged communities. Our goal is to help communities become self-sufficient and thrive.

Health Programs:

Our health programs focus on improving access to healthcare services, supporting maternal and child health, and providing medical aid to the communities we serve. We work to address the root causes of health issues such as cataract and promote preventative measures to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


  • Improving access to healthcare services
  • Supporting maternal and child health
  • Providing medical aid to the communities we serve

Education Programs:

AHAD’s education programs aim to improve access to education and provide educational resources and supplies to the communities we serve. We work to build and renovate schools, mosques and Quran memorization centres. and provide access to quality education, which we believe is a fundamental human right.


  • Building and renovating schools
  • Providing educational resources and supplies
  • Training and supporting teachers

Response Programs:

In times of crisis and emergencies, AHAD Africa Hub team and volunteers respond quickly to provide assistance and support to those affected. Our response programs provide immediate relief and work towards long-term recovery efforts. We believe in the importance of being prepared to respond to emergencies and supporting communities during difficult times.

Food Programs

Ranking of food security in Africa 2023


Providing hot meals to the needy in Africa to combat hunger and malnutrition.

Nourishing Hope: The Qurban Project’s Impact on African Communities 2023 Qurbani Projects campaign Official Promo food insecurity in the refugees camps Food insecurity remains a pressing issue...

Food basket

Distributing food baskets to families in need on a regular basis to ensure they have access to basic nutrition.

WASH Programs

The cost of drilling an ongoing charity well in Africa

The cost of drilling an ongoing charity well in Africa is the title of our article for today, in which we will stand with you at several axes discussing the bitter...

Water desalination plants

Installing water desalination plants in remote villages to provide clean and safe drinking water to the community.

Fixed and mobile bathrooms

Building and installing fixed and mobile bathrooms in underprivileged areas to improve sanitation and hygiene.

Water Well Drilling

Providing access to clean and safe water by drilling wells in underprivileged communities.

Education Programs

Book distribution

Distributing educational books to schools and libraries to support the education and development of children in Africa.

School bags and uniforms distribution

Providing school bags and uniforms to underprivileged students to encourage them to continue their education.

Sponsor a Student in Africa

Giving underprivileged children the chance to attend school by providing them with the necessary financial support.

Building Schools

Building schools in remote areas where children have limited access to education, to help them build a better future.

Building Mosques

Building mosques in underprivileged areas to provide a place for worship and community gatherings.

Healthcare Programs

A charity to help eye patients

A charity to help eye patients that provides semi-free treatment for eye patients, makes a diagnosis for the patient and helps him to be treated and get professional...

Hearing Aids

Providing hearing aids to people with hearing impairments to improve their quality of life.

Emergency Kits Distribution

Providing essential items such as food, water, and shelter to families affected by natural disasters or conflicts.

Prosthetic limbs

Providing prosthetic limbs to individuals who have lost their limbs due to accidents or illnesses.

Wheelchairs distribution

Providing wheelchairs to individuals with mobility issues to improve their quality of life.

Malaria treatment

Providing access to malaria treatment and medication to prevent and treat the spread of this deadly disease.

Development Programs

Building a mosque in poor countries

Building a mosque in poor countries is a lofty goal, as citizens of poor countries cannot build mosques to hold prayers, and mosques are considered the Houses of Allah...

Agriculture Plow

Providing agriculture plows to farmers to help them increase their crop yield and improve their livelihood.

Dairy Cow

Providing dairy cows to underprivileged families to improve their nutrition and income.

Digging and rehabilitating agricultural irrigation channels

Digging and rehabilitating agricultural irrigation channels to increase access to water for farming in remote areas.

Owning a shop

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Renting lands for agriculture

Providing financial support to farmers to rent land for agriculture, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives.

Women Empowerment Programs

Own sewing machines

Providing underprivileged individuals with sewing machines and training to start their own tailoring business.

Own a small shop

Providing financial support and training to underprivileged individuals to start their own small businesses.

Own a small restaurant

Providing financial support and training to underprivileged individuals to start their own small restaurants.

How to donate

AHAD offers several convenient and secure ways to donate online:

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  • Payment through PayPal
  • Payment by Bank Transfer

How to volunteer

Join us in our efforts to make a difference by becoming a volunteer with AHAD and learn more about Africa Hub. Whether you have skills in fundraising, event planning, or community outreach, we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Fill out our volunteer application form to get started.

Collaborations with AHAD

AHAD values partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our mission of creating sustainable and impactful change in African communities. If you would like to collaborate with us on a project or program, please email us with your proposal.


Contribute to a project

AHAD’s work is made possible by the generosity of donors who support our programs and projects. Your contribution can help change the lives of people in need in Africa. You can donate to a specific project or program that you are passionate about, or make a general donation to support AHAD’s overall mission. Your donation will go directly towards funding critical interventions and supporting the most vulnerable populations. Join us in making a difference in the world today.