Distribution of 100 Quran from AHAD campaigns

Quality and available designs

High-quality Qurans were provided in the Quran distribution campaign of AHAD campaigns. The Qurans came in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the beneficiaries. The designs included attractive fonts and colors, which made it easier to read the Mushaf and made it a relaxing experience. The beneficiaries had great praise for the quality of the Qurans and their ability to enrich their experience of reading The Book of Allah.

The technology used in copying

Modern and advanced technology was used in the process of copying the Quran in a campaign 100 distribution of the Quran from Ahad campaigns. This technology included the use of advanced machines and equipment to ensure the accuracy and speed of transcription, as well as the use of special computer programs to ensure the correctness of formatting and the correct arrangement of parts and verses. This was to ensure that the Qurans were obtained identical to the originals and of high quality.

Distribution of 100 Quran from AHAD campaigns

Frequently asked questions and their answers

Here are some common questions about the 100 Mushaf distribution campaign from AHAD campaigns with their answers:

How can I participate in the campaign

You can participate in the campaign by registering on the AHAD website and donating the costs of distributing the Quran.

Does distribution require special skills

No, distribution does not require any special skills. Participants are offered a short training on how to properly distribute the Quran.


Is the distribution carried out only in one country

No, distribution is carried out in several countries around the world depending on the needs of individuals and groups.

Do beneficiaries only benefit from the Qur’an

No, in addition to the Quran, AHAD offers educational and orientation activities and programs for individuals to enhance their understanding and communication with the Holy Quran.

Can I make a non-financial donation

Yes, you can donate time and efforts too, sharing the campaign on social media or developing other charitable initiatives.

Is the impact of the distribution campaign documented

Yes, feedback and experiences from participants and beneficiaries are collected to estimate the impact of the campaign on their lives and the role of the Quran in it.

Can AHAD distribute additional Qurans by traditional methods

Yes, besides distribution campaigns, AHAD uses other methods to distribute the Quran such as radio programs and partnerships with mosques.

Distribution of 100 Quran from AHAD campaigns

How does the distribution of the Qur’an affect human rights

The distribution campaign promotes human rights by enabling individuals to exercise their right to knowledge and to connect with religion and culture.

Can I follow the impact of other AHAD campaigns

Yes, you can follow the impact of other AHAD campaigns via its website and social media to see their successes and join future projects.

Can other individuals organize Quran distribution campaigns

Yes, AHAD encourages individuals and groups to independently organize distribution campaigns to achieve their goals of spreading the message of Islam and the Quran.

You can visit the ahad Association website to find out more about the projects it offers

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