International Day of tolerance

The International Day of tolerance is a day called by the UN General Assembly for member states to celebrate in order to publicize the importance of tolerance, the value of tolerance and its impact on the life of societies.

We must stand up to what principles tolerance is based on and introduce you to the purpose of the World Day of tolerance.

International Day of tolerance

Tolerance is a great value, and one of the human principles that Islam has transformed-following the example of the ethics of the prophets and apostles-into a reality that a Muslim deals with in his daily and practical life, and the painful past is forgotten in all its details, and the waiver of his right to harm others, and the waiver stems from the strength of faith, and a sincere desire to live well and high status in the hereafter.

The International Day of tolerance is a day called in 1996 by the United Nations General Assembly, member states to celebrate on November 16, by carrying out appropriate activities directed towards both educational institutions and the general public, this action followed the declaration by the Assembly in 1993 that 1995 will be the United Nations year of tolerance.

International Day of tolerance

International Day of tolerance

It is worth mentioning in this regard the UNESCO Prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence:

This award was established in 1995 on the occasion of the celebration of the UN year of tolerance, the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, and in that year the UNESCO member states adopted the declaration of principles on tolerance.

The prize is awarded every two years during an official celebration on the occasion of the International Day of tolerance (November 16), as a reward to personalities, institutions or organizations that have been distinguished by particularly worthy initiatives, over several years, aimed at promoting understanding and solving international or national problems in a spirit of tolerance and non-violence.

AHAD seeks to spread the principles of tolerance and promote mutual understanding between cultures and peoples, as the pure and pure soul is the one who rises above the small things and elevates them to the highest, and this can only come to her when she is tolerant.

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International Day of tolerance

The importance of tolerance

The value of tolerance

What are the principles on which tolerance is based

What is the purpose of the World Tolerance Day

The importance of tolerance

Tolerance is of great importance in building oneself and society as a whole, and based on that importance, we mention the following about the importance of tolerance:

Forgiveness helps an individual to get rid of his mistakes, feelings of embarrassment and guilt, as he manages to forgive himself and correct the mistakes he made.

It also increases the advancement of people who meet abuse by creating tolerance, so they become full of goodness, and possess a normal psyche apart from what some souls endure from hatred, hatred and mental illnesses.

Tolerance helps to reduce problems between lovers and friends, which are caused by misunderstanding and not making excuses, and a tolerant person reaps great rewards from the Almighty.

A tolerant person becomes more able to coexist with individuals and peoples by accepting differences and preserving the rights of others, away from conflicts and the spread of racial hatred and hatred.

International Day of tolerance

International Day of tolerance

By spreading the culture of tolerance, it is possible to achieve public interests in society, minimize disagreements and enmities as much as possible, and tolerance increases the importance of culture and science.

It helps to activate constructive dialogues, so that individuals are interested in achieving the highest ranks of education and culture, without infringing on the rights of others.

The Ahad seeks through its seminars and charitable works and through the dialogues and discussions that take place during its work in society and on the ground to promote the principle of tolerance and raise their awareness of its benefits and effects that reflect positively on them and mention the International Day of tolerance.

The value of tolerance

In light of the intertwining of interests between human societies as a result of the revolution of communications and communications and the abundance of information during the current era, tolerance, coexistence, communication and open dialogue have become indispensable necessities to achieve the interests of societies without exception.

The concept of tolerance is related to human rights, such as:

Allow the expression of opinion.

Equality of all before the law.

Respect or accept the opinion of a minority… Etc.

Therefore, the calls for the popularization and rooting of the culture of tolerance are growing more than ever, and the demand to transform this culture into community behavior is emerging, because the culture of tolerance is the one that controls the relationship of a person with his ideas and principles, so as not to reach the point of blind intolerance that leads its owner to commit crimes and attacks on the other.

It shows us that the value of tolerance is a moral nature and a moral virtue urged by all religions and urged by modern democratic laws and legislation. Tolerance has become a humanitarian, social, political and cultural imperative that we desperately need today.

Especially in light of the violence and hatred prevailing in the world today and the spread of hatreds and grudges as a result of intolerance to ideas, beliefs and attitudes, which makes us urgently need to reconsider the concept of tolerance and highlight its importance in our lives.

What are the principles on which tolerance is based

In this paragraph, for those who do not know what the principles on which tolerance are based, we would like to mention the following:

The belief that forgiveness is a strength, not a weakness, and that forgiveness is not a kind of submission.

There are no conditions in tolerance, it is open to everyone who disagrees with you.

Create channels of dialogue with others and identify the place of disagreement with them to create a language to understand the topic.

Try to understand the desires that control those with whom you disagree to make it simpler.

Be positive and waive your opinions if you find that they are wrong, do not serve your or the business interest.

Do not judge others by the first opinion and give them their full opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions.

So, the value of tolerance is conditioned by allowing each individual to think and express his opinions, on the one hand, and on the other hand, conditioned to fight these opinions if they are wrong, and do not fit into the system of nature, and the criterion for the validity of these ideas is that man’s knowledge of things makes him more familiar with his abilities, the system of nature and its laws, and this enables him to orient himself, and that the more he knows the system of nature, the more easily he formulates its rules.

What is the purpose of the World Tolerance Day

Among the principles affirmed by the International Day of tolerance, respect and appreciation of the rich diversity of the world’s cultures, forms of expression and lifestyles adopted by man, tolerance recognizes universal human rights and the fundamental freedoms of others.

The issue of tolerance has been proclaimed Not only as a moral duty, but also as a political and legal condition governing individuals, groups and states, and it also links the issue of tolerance in international human rights instruments developed over the past fifty years.

In light of this speech, for every questioner about the goal of the World Tolerance Day, we say that correct education based on tolerance should be aimed at warding off influences that generate a sense of fear of others and their exclusion, it should also help young people develop their abilities to help them make independent judgments and stimulate critical reflection and moral reflection.

The Ahad emphasizes that understanding the diversity of religions, languages and cultures in our world should not be an excuse for conflicts, but rather a treasure from which all humanity will enrich itself.

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International Day of tolerance

The importance of tolerance

The value of tolerance

What are the principles on which tolerance is based

What is the purpose of the World Tolerance Day

Frequently asked questions:

What is the role of tolerance in society

A tolerant society, more good-natured and more capable of initiative than others, is closer to optimism in life than others, builds good relationships with people, inspires satisfaction, confidence and hope for the future in individuals.

What is the concept of religious tolerance

Religious tolerance can be defined as: nothing more than the acceptance by adherents of the dominant religion of other religions and permission to practice these religions, despite denouncing them as false, harmful or inferior religions.

What is the most beautiful thing that has been said about tolerance

Beware of a man you hit, and he did not return the blow to you, he will not forgive you and will not let you forgive yourself, forgiveness is to see the light of God in everyone around you, whatever their behavior is with you, and it is the most powerful remedy of all.

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