Ways to help the poor

There are many ways to help the poor you can help the poor through the needy assistance program to access comprehensive assistance to the needy and provide assistance opportunities to a larger number.

A great reward and mercy from Allah Almighty when helping every poor person so that everyone asks What do I gain from helping the poor and needy We will answer this question in the article.

We must respect and appreciate the feelings of the poor, so that the poor person with a dear soul does not accept help except in other ways by more than one way that respects his feelings.

Ways to help the poor

There is no one to deny that poverty is a serious concern all over the world, including your community however, how can we as individuals hope to make a difference when faced with such a widespread issue.

Understanding poverty is a valuable step to help those who suffer from poverty, whether global or local, is a delicate issue that spans a wide range of cultures and societies so that the more you know and understand poverty, the better you will become an ally and advocate for those in need.

By offering your voice and using your time and resources wisely, there are plenty of ways you can make a positive impact on the world around you.

We have some ways to help the poor, among which we mention:

1. Support associations that donate to charity.

2. Donate money to reputable charities.

3. Donate groceries to local food banks.

4. Volunteer your time.

5. Distribution of meal kits to the local community.

6. Start a fundraising campaign.

7. Talk about poverty issues on social networking sites.

Our actions may seem insignificant but everything we do affects the people around us that it creates ripples, and if each of us did something to make a positive change, this ripple would slowly spread throughout the ocean and eventually break the foam on the shore.

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Needy Assistance Program

Helping the poor and needy is vital to strengthening the whole society, and we raise the level of the whole society by providing support and helping hands to those who are less fortunate than us.

Helping them to live a better life for themselves and their community later in life, helping the poor and needy is a duty of every Muslim, and giving Zakat and alms to the poor and needy out of worship and pleasing Allah Almighty.

There is a whole group to research ways to help the poor and provide various programs for the needy, including:

  • Full food assistance program.
  • Health care delivery.
  • Provision of medical aid.
  • The child’s health insurance program.
  • Housing programs.
  • Supplementary guarantee income program.

If you or your family need help, visit the association to find out if you qualify for each benefit, and if you have questions about the Affordable Care Act, health insurance, or to enroll in one of the health care plans in charities, this can be done through your visit to AHAD , which will help and guide you to reach all the requirements that a person needs that were the reason for obtaining health care, comprehensive medical expenses, medical bill disbursement and food insurance for the needy through special and various programs.

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What do I earn from helping the poor and needy

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most merciful (whatever you have spent or made a vow, Allah knows it, and what the wrongdoers have supporters for* if you show alms, then yes, and if you hide it and the poor take shelter of it, it is good for you and atones for your misdeeds, and Allah is an expert in what you do).

Helping people is not only a charitable cause and is also received by the way you give a lot, you also receive a lot, through the ways of helping the poor, there are two types of benefits:

1. Personal benefits:

Helping others can benefit your mental health and well-being.

Some studies show that helping others makes you live longer, feel happier and encourages you to give more; it creates a sense of belonging and reduces isolation.

2. Community benefits:

And by helping others, you can help the whole society eliminate poverty and achieve equality, and the people you help, they will know that there are good people who can help others who are facing poverty.

If you have some surplus, be it food, money or clothes, feel free to share it with those in need.

As I said, You don’t have to be a billionaire to help the poor, and providing care packages for the homeless or donating used clothes to a local charity is already a big help.

What should we do about the poor

Towards the poor, we must offer simple ways to help them so that compassion for them is more than just putting yourself in the shoes of others, supporting their cause, which is still one of the most important issues in most countries, share their duties, and donate what you do not use, provided that it is usable.

Donate your time for them, they are people who like to talk constantly and share their sorrows, be kind and friendly with them, these are simple ways to help the poor that anyone can do, and they are the responsibility of every adult and it is our duty to provide for everyone in need.

As many charities do by providing the poor with the simplest thing for them to all their needs, AHAD has provided psychological services, sound health care and a nurturing environment for all their problems, provided medicine, a doctor, Food and education to be a foster mother for everyone in need.

Addresses passed with you:

1. Ways to help the poor.

2. The program of assistance to the needy.

3. What do I gain from helping the poor and needy

4. What we should do to the poor.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why should we help the poor

Helping the poor and needy strengthens society and its bonds, and we ourselves like to help those who are less fortunate than us to be able to live a better life.


2. How to respect the feelings of the poor

Treat him with respect, that is, show respect for his abilities and value, even if you do not necessarily agree with him, and give him the same consideration that you expect for yourself.

And in the end I think it’s really important that people donate money to charities because otherwise there will be people in society who have nothing, governments don’t spend almost enough on solving the problem of the homeless or dealing with refugees.

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